10 Funny Translated Signs



The word funny is used to refer to the quality of being amusing, humorous, and witty. A lot of things, actions, and words could be expressed in humorous and witty signs or statements.

Translated signs

A sign is a word, picture, drawing, or symbol that represents a unique expression or idea. It is an encoded mark, signal or statement that needs a decoding expression or translation. However, translation refers to the act of interpreting and expressing an encoded sign or symbol from the original writing to an understandable statement.

We shall examine ten funny signs translated from the Chinese language to English. They are wrongly written and expressed statements. However, the meanings of these signs could be deciphered.

  1. Hand Grenade

This expression refers to the fire extinguisher bottle.

Details from imgur.com

  1. Slip and Fall down carefully!

This sign and expression is a ‘caution’ given to someone trying to get down from a height by asking him ‘slide and get down carefully’.

Details from tinypic.com

  1. Execution in progress

  2. No smoking the bed

  3. Beware of safety

  4. This is a safety precaution signal warning someone to be conscious of danger.

    Details from Chris Radley

  5. Do drunken driving

  6. This is a traffic safety precaution signal given to motorists warning them of the danger about getting drunk while driving their vehicles. This terminology could be regarded as reversed psychology.

  7. Do not disturb tiny grass is dreaming

  8. This is a caution signal placed in the field to protect little grasses from being trampled to death by the footsteps of passersby.

  9. No discount

  10. This sign is placed on shopping malls to express that there is no discount on the goods being sold.

    Details from AtticDweller

  11. No sightseeing while walking, no walking while sightseeing

  12. Cheap, fast, and easy

This is an expression made for an instant soup recipe prepared for sluts and lazy people.