The Funniest Floor Graphics


This is the attitude of being hilarious and provoking a sense of humor and laughter.

The Floor

The floor is specifically the base of a building that is made with different substances like wood, concrete, granite, foam, and printable floor graphics. In this discourse, we are examining the floor graphics.


This is the art of writing or inscribing signs, drawings, pictures and designs on some materials like papers, nylons, leathers, and aluminum sheets.

However, we are examining some of the funniest floor graphics that have ever been in history. Have you ever seen a floor graphic that will literally get you choking with laughter? Here are some of them:

  1. The elevator floor graphics The funny picture shows a deep hollow on an elevator floor that makes you think the floor of the elevator is broken and you may fall down if you step onto the shaft.
    The elevator floor graphics

  2. The floor graphic that looks like a stairway used to advertise storage drawers and cabinets.
    The floor graphics

  3. The funny floor graphic of a fallen man that represents a Red Cross first aid sticker.
    The funny floor graphics

  4. You will also see another floor graphic that shows a boiling coffee cup in a manhole. This is used to wake up a sleeping city.
    floor graphic

  5. There is the picture of a giant dog on a floor graphic with human beings looking like ticks and fleas when viewed from a height.
    giant dog on a floor graphic

  6. You will see a floor graphic on a subway that looks like the beach. Part of the floor is covered with water.
    floor graphic on a subway

  7. There is another floor graphic of a side walk advert showing a man that is inside a manhole.
    floor graphic  of a side walk

  8. There is a sky dive elevator floor graphic that looks like you are on top of the world.
    floor graphic  of a side walk