Eco-Friendly Newmarket Signs

Eco-Friendly Signage is a business need for every business,

There is a practical need to advertise in order to help the business announce its products, events and special promotions. Companies generally use advertising to let their customers know new and upcoming products, special discounts and sales, and participation at events like trade shows and festivals. It is almost inevitable to do direct marketing without putting up a sign, thus, the hundreds, if not thousands of banners, billboards and signage that hover over every façade that was ever put up in the history of America. Jump to Sao Paulo, which is now called “the city that said no to advertising”. With strict regulations on putting up banners, how do you think it affects businesses down there?

While many environmentalists seem to disagree, the so-called “visual pollution” is here to stay. Businesses need to put up signs in order for their businesses to connect with customers on long-lasting and unforgettable levels. Companies like CompuSign / Newmarket signs ensure that small, medium and large-scale businesses get their signage out there and be recognized with Eco-Friendly Signage. They provide ways to reach the audience thru floor and window graphics, three-dimensional lettering, Eco-Friendly Signage and even storefront displays. These services are valuable to any company that would like to put up signs in walkways, office buildings and physical stores.

How can we help?

If you are wary about putting up a sign that contributes to the so-called visual pollution out there, you may want to consider putting up an Eco-friendly sign. There are many ways to become environmentally friendly. CompuSigns – Newmarket signs can make your storefront displays in different ways. They can be three-dimensional signs or printed signs. They can also be back-lit. If you are using pain, you can use VOCs or volatile organic compounds that are made from eco-friendly substances. If you are using lights for back-lit signage, you may want to use LEDs (light emitting diodes), which are ultra-low voltage and are energy efficient. Putting window graphics on glass is also a great way to advertise and be environmentally friendly. Glass lasts for a very long time, can be reused and recycled, and the best thing is that you reduce plastic waste products.

There are many more ideas to lend Mother Earth a hand in reducing pollution without losing your need to advertise.There is room for business growth and environmentally smart advertising. Making conscious choices that would also help reduce the costs to your business can be a win-win situation after all.

Often a Eco-friendly Signage is less expensive then older less greener signs and the running costs off set the price of higher quality materials.